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Travel Meals must be placed with management and paid for at least one week in advanced.
For Delivery:  A one week notice + minimum of $200.00 ordered.

Cancellation must be 4 hours before pick up or delivery in order to qualify for a refund.

Download the Community/IHS order form Here.

Download the Regular order form Here.

All Travel Meals Include:

- 1 Sandwich( with Lettuce and Tomato)

- 1 Bag Of Chips

- 1 XXL Chocolate Chip Shortstop Cookie(Or other dessert depending)

- 1 Season Fruit (Apples, Oranges, or Bananas depending on availability )

- 1 Bottle Of Water

- Napkins, Mayonnaise packet, Mustard packet 

All Wrapped And Bagged For On The Go Convenience!

-Traditional Travel Meals                                                       $14.99 Per Meal  

Turkey Breast, Virginia Baked Ham, 

Genoa Salami, Mixed Meat, Roast Beef, 

Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, Seitan(Vegan), 

Veggie, or Cheese Only 


-Hot Travel Meals                                                                    $16.99 Per Meal 

Chicken Breast, Cheesesteak, Meatball 

any of the traditional sandwiches served HOT 


-Add Cheese to any sandwich                                        + .50 cents per Meal 


-Up-size to a Double size sandwich                              + $2.50 per Meal 


Discount provided for local Scholastic and Youth Events  -$2.00 per meal 

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